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A lifeline to survival…

This past Sunday we heard from Matthew’s gospel about being the “Salt of the earth” and the “Light of the world.” Salt in the first century, because of its use as a food preservative, was a real lifeline to survival–having it and using it could be a matter of life or death. Our faith is like that, too, and it seems that these days we are getting a lot of opportunities to put our faith into action. Because of this, and because as a community we have a variety of interests when it comes to staying abreast of what is happening today, we have instituted a “Faith in Action” table in the back of the church– a place to share information and to network, and a “Faith in Action” corner of the e-Pistle, our newsletter. We are looking for a “curator” of the table. Interested? Let Cynthia know. Read more

Praying with my feet…

When the 1979 Book of Common Prayer first came out (or when I became conscious of it, anyway, having grown up with the “Green Book” and the “Zebra Book” before it) I memorized the page numbers of the Baptismal Covenant. It spoke to me and my spiritual journey. It later came in handy when I could refer to it on my ordination exams, and it was useful last week when a reporter asked me why I was going to Washington to participate in the Women’s March. To “strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being” is what I have been trying to do all of my life, and marching–praying with one’s feet– is one way to do that. Read more

How do we measure a year?

How do we measure a year? By its global triumphs? Its tragedies? The number of quiet moments we were able to make for ourselves or others? Our personal triumphs and tragedies? Read more