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April 4, 2017: The Climate Crisis and Its Solutions

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the climate crisis is an existential threat to every living thing on Earth. But we have the technological tools at hand to solve it – what we lack is the social and political will to act.  We need an informed, committed citizens’ movement that understands the intersections among all forms of justice work to lead the way toward change. Join us on Tuesday April 4th at 7 pm to learn about the specific threats we face, the staggering growth and affordability of renewable energy technologies, and the ways that you can participate in the People’s Climate Movement. Read more

Signs for sale!– We’re glad you’re our neighbor!

Signs are available by calling or emailing the church office. They can be picked up on Sunday mornings or during office hours: M-Th, 9-1, W, 9-4. They are $10 each. Language options include: Spanish, French, Swahili, Armenian and Hebrew. All signs have English and Arabic, too.

What to do?

Never have I been so perplexed, nor waited so long to decide what to do for a Lenten program. For months I thought I knew what we would be doing for our Wednesday evening program. Then the election happened. Why should that matter, you might wonder? Now it seems that so much of our conversation gets viewed through the lens of “What’s happening in Washington” or the latest CNN News Alert to pop up on our phone. So it seemed this year that it was important to return to our roots– to consider the most basic premises that underlie any outward manifestations of our faith right now. Read more

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