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Looking for an antidote to pain and suffering

It’s hard to miss a lot of the pain and suffering in our world today. If it’s not ‘big-picture’ issues swirling around our nation—race, immigration, the income gap, climate change—it’s things within the broader church—clergy sexual abuse and misconduct, the split of denominations over issues of sexuality or declining membership.

Some days it’s overwhelming.

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Proud of my Redeemer family…

Cynthia Black taking photos of Redeemer marchers at Families Belong Together march in Newark.     PHOTO CREDIT: Diana Wilcox

On one of the hottest days of the year, Redeemer showed its compassion once again, this time at the Families Belong Together rally and march in Newark on June 30.

It had been a long week. One that started with the Hasker’s funeral, included another horrific shooting (in a newsroom), news that a budget request has been made to build housing on military bases for 12,000 people who cross into the US seeking asylum, and a variety of Supreme Court rulings. The hardest part of that week was the revelation that a Supreme Court justice will soon be appointed.

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