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A Blessed Christmas from the Church of the Redeemer‏

I recently had the opportunity to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a brief visit. We wanted to see the Christmas tree and a photography exhibit about Yosemite in the 1860’s (yes, actual photographs 150 years old!). Walking from one to the other, I was struck by the enormous quantity of art that has been created over the centuries that reflects our attempt to connect with what we variously understand as God or our higher power. Room after room is filled with artwork that is overtly religious, and that which is not, but clearly has a religious or spiritual dimension. I might not have been as aware of it, were it not for the season. Read more

Blog Entry – Dec. 18

Last week I wrote to you about a member of our Redeemer family– Jerry Racioppi– who felt God’s call to him expand to include ordination. As you can imagine, it was with mixed emotion that we saw him being ‘launched’ into a new ministry– incredible pride for one of our ‘own’, tinged by the slightest hint of loss as we know he goes on to serve the church beyond Redeemer. Read more

Blog Entry – Dec. 11

What a great day to get ordained– The Feast of St. Nicholas! And what a great way to celebrate– our own Jerry Racioppi, sponsored for ordination by Redeemer, surrounded by so many loving families: his Redeemer family, his Drew family, his St. Luke’s family, his diocesan family and his biological/extended family. Last Saturday was a wonderful day, and I was SO proud of our Redeemer family– from our choir, to Christopher’s reading to the throngs of you who gave up your Saturday to celebrate with Jerry and Randy at the Cathedral in Newark. I know they won’t soon forget the feast of St. Nicholas! Read more