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Redeemer “West”

Given that I actually like snow, it’s ironic that I was in California last weekend while New Jersey was being blanketed in fluffy white serene beauty. I was honored to be asked to preside at the 9a Eucharist at All Saints, Pasadena, where Bishop Gene Robinson was preaching and where, along with ten other of our colleagues, we were being recognized for our many years of work bringing marriage equality to the Episcopal Church.

Since coming to Redeemer it’s sometimes hard for me to worship at Read more

An opportunity to learn about the secret quilt code of the Underground Railroad: February 2nd, 7p

Reconciliation Season was originally conceived at the Church of the Redeemer when the racial dialogue group came to the worship committee saying “racism is alive and well in the United States and what is Redeemer going to do about it?” An entire set of vestments and hangings were created based on the secret quilt code of the Underground Railroad. The hangings remind us of the courage and determination of those held in slavery and those who risked it all to help them. They remind us of Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Stephen Biko, Matthew Shepherd, and countless others who gave their lives because of who they were or what it is that they believed.

Join us as the story of slavery is told. Learn of life on the plantations, the beginnings of the Underground Railroad movement and those who helped and how it was that the Secret Quilt Code informed those who knew the secrets held within the beautiful images to gain freedom and wholeness. The message of hope is loud and clear and so it is we use these vestments at Redeemer to honor that courage and call us all into accountability for what it is that we do and what it is that we leave undone as we experience words and actions of hatred.

All worship services and Adult Forum cancelled 1/24/16

Due to the blizzard and the State of Emergency, all worship services and the Adult Forum at the Church of the Redeemer on Sunday, January, 24, have been cancelled.