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It had been on our calendar for months…

“Active Shooter Training.” The Morris Area Clergy Council was being trained in how to deal with an “active shooter” in one of our houses of worship by a NJ Department of Homeland Security official on Tuesday of this week. The timing, less than a week after the Parkland, FL shooting, was eerie. But let’s face it, given our nation’s inability to pass effective common sense gun legislation, the odds were high that this training would happen in close proximity to a mass casualty shooting event. And it did. Read more

The Break-neck Pace of This Year

A moment ago I had an email from an organization asking if I would sign on to a legislative initiative they were organizing– they needed religious leaders, they said. It was the second request I got today asking for my leadership. We knew, I think, that the opportunities for justice work would abound with the Trump administration– what I don’t think we fully understood, back in January, was j u s t h o w d i z z y i n g the year would be. And now, with the tax bill passed, it will likely get worse for the “least,” the “last,” and the “lost” before it gets better. Read more

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