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Blog Entry – August 28

I have enjoyed the opportunity to consider fresh ways of worshipping this summer as we have made some seasonal changes to our seating arrangements. The first Sunday that we had the new worship configuration was breathtaking for me. I loved being close together, I loved the light from the upper windows, and I loved having young children so immediately present with us in a way that said “we not only want you here, we want you to be comfortable here!” It was not only a proverbial breath of fresh air, there were quite a few “breaths” in the form of cool breezes from the front doors of the church that were delightful, too! Read more

Blog Entry – August 21

Like you, I’ve watched, read and listened to news of the situation in Ferguson, MO, and been saddened by the depth of the rage and challenges, and the apparent inability of law enforcement, grassroots organizations, community leaders and governmental authorities to work together to find a short-term end to the problem so that that they can get to work on a longer-term solution. It is both a reminder of the reality of racism in our day and what it’s like to feel disempowered by a system (educational, social, governmental, etc), that at times doesn’t seem to have made much progress in the last 50 years. [As I get ready to post this I see that the governor of Missouri has ordered the National Guard to begin withdrawing from Ferguson. I pray that this is the beginning of some resolution.] Read more

Blog Entry – August 14

The death of Robin Williams this week has been a shock for everyone who ever enjoyed his amazing sense of humor. That he took his own life has made it even harder. Some news shows and commentators have focused on his struggle with depression; others have steered clear of that and focused on his gift for making people laugh. Robin Williams’ death is a reminder of how fragile we can all feel at times. Wisely, those same news shows and commentators have been advertising the phone numbers for suicide prevention help lines. Read more