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Join us on June 14th!!

Juneteenth 2015Juneteenth, our party with Bethel A.M.E. (and for the community) that commemorates the emancipation of African-American slaves throughout the Confederate South, will be observed on Sunday, June 14, from 5-8p.

Ed Alstrom, musician extraordinaire will be here to supply the spirit and Ms Betty and her crew will bring incredibly good food.


Blog Entry – June 12

We have a practice at vestry meeting of ending our time by going around the table and sharing one thing that has made Redeemer feel special for us recently. Because vestry happens on Monday, there is often something about the previous day’s worship service for which many of us are grateful. As I prepared for this past week’s vestry meeting I thought of the many, many things that have made Redeemer special for me recently and realized that just the fact that there were SO MANY was special, in itself. And sure enough, when we got to the end of the meeting, we didn’t limit ourselves to the previous day’s service, as special as it was. From Jim Gartner’s amazing Memorial Day weekend Adult Forum, to Eileen Gerety’s Pride Sunday sermon, to Jerry Racioppi’s ordination to our awesome intern, Amy, to the beautiful wedding last weekend of Stephanie and Joe, to the way Nigel and Corinne have been welcomed into the Sunday School– there are many, many ways that Redeemer is special. Read more

Blog Entry – May 29

Who taught you, by word or example, about generosity? How do you nurture generosity in yourself and/or in your family? These are two of the questions that I am enjoying pondering today as I attend The Episcopal Network for Stewardship annual conference on “Creating a Culture of Generosity” in Navasota, Texas. Read more