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The Break-neck Pace of This Year

A moment ago I had an email from an organization asking if I would sign on to a legislative initiative they were organizing– they needed religious leaders, they said. It was the second request I got today asking for my leadership. We knew, I think, that the opportunities for justice work would abound with the Trump administration– what I don’t think we fully understood, back in January, was j u s t h o w d i z z y i n g the year would be. And now, with the tax bill passed, it will likely get worse for the “least,” the “last,” and the “lost” before it gets better. Read more

A Glorious Reminder of What I Love About Redeemer

I regularly get reminders of what I love about Redeemer, but yesterday seemed full of them. When I woke and saw the beautiful blue sky I hopped out of bed and high tailed it to work. I’ve been wanting a chance to get my drone up in the air to take photos of the workers on the roof, and since there has been a lot of rain recently, this hasn’t been possible. I also wanted to do it before there were too many people around, as drone flying is inadvisable under those conditions. So the early start meant I got to practice my Spanish with the roofers and chat with some of the earliest soup kitchen guests, who were all quite curious about what I was doing. After getting the foreman’s permission, I was up in the air, checking out the views! Read more