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Annual meeting offers challenges, affirmations, food for thought and exciting announcements

The challenge of keeping the Annual Meeting brief but informative is always great. This year we packed a lot in and for those patient souls who stayed to the end they were rewarded with a wonderful gift: a Redeemer travel mug! (Fear not– if you weren’t there and would like one, we have them for sale– a mere $10!). We heard reports from our Rector, warden, treasurer, seminarian and assistant, and elected new members of the vestry (Erin Dunn, Carolyn Moody and Debbie Quinn), warden (Wayne Walton) and Diocesan Convention Delegates (Diann Castiaux, Terri Fasano, Colleen Hintz and Wayne Walton, alternate). In addition, the Shalom Ministry Award was presented to Dave Jones. Two of the more exciting announcements included: news of a sizeable bequest and news that our guest for Pride weekend this year will be The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, retired bishop of New Hampshire (note that we will celebrate Pride Sunday on June 26th this year).

Bishop Gene Robinson to visit Redeemer

It was announced at the Annual Meeting that we will have a very special guest preacher on June 26th– the day that we will be celebrating Pride Sunday this year– the Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, the retired bishop of New Hampshire. Bishop Robinson was the first openly (or honestly!) gay bishop ordained in the Anglican communion, in 2003. His election set off a huge controversy that continues to have ripples throughout the church today.

Bishop Robinson will preach at the 9:30 service (we will be on “summer hours” at that time) on June 26, and will speak at a free public forum the night before, on June 25th, at 7p in the church.

The glow of Easter continues!

Did you feel it? Perhaps it was the gurgles of the infant chorus in the back of the church, or the enthusiasm of their real-life adult counterparts in the front. Or maybe it was the jaw dropping beauty of such simple things as hundreds of bright forsythia branches artfully arranged? Maybe it was the mix of new energy and familiarity– whatever it was for YOU, Easter and Holy Week were an amazing experience at Redeemer this year! Re-live just a bit of it through this short slideshow, above.

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