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Blog Entry – Dec. 11

What a great day to get ordained– The Feast of St. Nicholas! And what a great way to celebrate– our own Jerry Racioppi, sponsored for ordination by Redeemer, surrounded by so many loving families: his Redeemer family, his Drew family, his St. Luke’s family, his diocesan family and his biological/extended family. Last Saturday was a wonderful day, and I was SO proud of our Redeemer family– from our choir, to Christopher’s reading to the throngs of you who gave up your Saturday to celebrate with Jerry and Randy at the Cathedral in Newark. I know they won’t soon forget the feast of St. Nicholas! Read more

Blog Entry – Dec. 5

In the midst of the church’s new year, it seems as if the world is dealing with some very old problems. How can we impact them, I wonder? The two recent grand jury decisions have weighed very heavily on me, but there are a lot more of the world’s injustices that have carried into the new year, too: many forms of war and violence, food, water and sanitation insecurity across much of the globe, discrimination and oppression, and devastating medical problems, to name a few. Read more

My sadness about Ferguson, MO‏

Like you, I watched late into the night last night after the Grand Jury decision in the death of Michael Brown was announced. For the first hour or so I was hopeful that the response by those gathered would indeed be peaceful (and it was, in places, but that was not where the media necessarily chose to focus). Before long the anger of many who know first-hand what it is like to live as the next Michael Brown couldn’t be contained. While it’s probably too simplistic an analysis to say that the sin of racism continues to haunt us, my feelings were of profound sadness as I woke up this morning.

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Monica Garcia- LL #5 @ Lower level #5
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