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Blog Entry – August 14

The death of Robin Williams this week has been a shock for everyone who ever enjoyed his amazing sense of humor. That he took his own life has made it even harder. Some news shows and commentators have focused on his struggle with depression; others have steered clear of that and focused on his gift for making people laugh. Robin Williams’ death is a reminder of how fragile we can all feel at times. Wisely, those same news shows and commentators have been advertising the phone numbers for suicide prevention help lines. Read more

Blog Entry – August 7

Our third Season of Sacred Story is off and running! What an amazing story we heard on Sunday from Dave about William Alexander Duer, one of the founding wardens of Redeemer.

An historian in our extended family, the Rev Canon Elliot Lindsley wrote to tell me how glad he was to see that we were sharing this story, and to add a bit to it: “Your mention of William A. Duer, a founder of the CofR leads me to tell you, if you don’t already know it, that he is buried in the  Presbyterian churchyard. I have forgotten why his interment was/is there. He came to Morristown to stay with his daughter, Mrs Hoyt of “Hoyt’s Corners” – the fine Victorian stone(?) gingerbread house at the intersection of 202 & Jockey Hollow Rd…..” Read more

Blog Entry – August 1


It’s hard to be a “beacon of hope” (Redeemer Mission Statement, June 2014) when around us things seem so relentlessly and hopelessly lightless.  The Israelis and the Palestinians are still bombing each other,  the Russians are still sneaking into Ukraine and the various factions in Syria are still determinedly working to turn that country into an empty lot.

Here in America, the children are still swimming to our border (7460 children under 12 have walked up the riverbank this year),  more families are entering near poverty then moving out and Kim Kardashian is still, inexplicably to me,  making huge amounts. (Her new smartphone game made $1.6 million this week .) Read more